Working on flexibility is never the primary workout but, can it be? Make it your goal to get strong in your flexibility

Do you need help with a basic routine to follow for flexibility?

Knowing what to do or putting what to do in order is what I can help you with. After figuring out the goal in mind, even if its just just being flexibility twice a month we can draft up a new program to follow. Using the proper stretching order and right exercises at the right time can be important. Another KEY is motivation, not only do we want to make progress but changing things up keeps it interesting.

$55.00 a month

Each month we assess and change the program

Private coaching involves corrections to alignment and routine in a online 1 on 1 session

Flexibility coaching

Mobility coaching

Personal Training Charleston SC-I travel to you



Tim Turner

I have been working with Jermain for approx the last 6 month. I was looking for something different than the regular gym routine. Jermain brings a whole new level to exercising and a healthy lifestyle. I was having some issues with my IT band and Jermain was able to help me work it out with intense stretching. I have also enjoyed working with him doing handstands. I would never have thought doing handstands could have been such a great workout.

Jennifer Ashland

Jermain has helped me make amazing strides in my flexibility! He has improved my handstand form dramatically. With his instruction I have been able to push past where I thought could go and sink lower into my middle splits than ever before. I highly recommend trying one of his classes, it will be better and more personalized than any regular workout class you take!!

What can I help with

  • Goals Setting

  • Programming writing

  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching

  • Small group class

  • Stretch Coach

  • Personal Trainer