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Working on handstands usually starts with a thought or something you saw.  It was that way for me when i saw a circus act of a very good handbalancer is was in complete amazement.  To put that thought into a process is the next step in the journey but it comes with hurdles. How do I train, who can teach me, can i learn from a book, video or on the internet?  All of these question I will try to answer in this write up for a point of view of a amateur handbalancer who put in year to learn some of the handstand skills. 

Most people who are really interested as a adult will get there start from yoga genre. The businesses usually offer a workshop that is like everything a opinion on how to do a handstand and get very good at it.  People who do yoga are definitely now the best at handstands and more so use it as something they can sell in a workshop instead of a skill. Most of them will struggle to find a handstand consistently and do a skill beyond a straight or straddle handstand hold for 20 seconds if lucky. Handstands is only part of yoga when yoga people want it to be. Others will observe a person do it at a gym or some type of performance and gain some interest. Believe it or not a lot can be learned from youtube and social media instead of a workshop or a person.  There are some very skilled people out there who make videos for free and you can go with zero to press handstand or better just from social media alone. Do not underestimate what you can learn fro free buy watching a video.  I would recommend to anyone as well instead of hiring a coach or going to a workshop to just lear by yourself for a while. Why you ask? You will build a important skill by itself call consistency, which is very hard to obtain and motivation as well. Take the time to put in some self teaching, you never know how far you will get.

As I said above the biggest part of the process will revolve around consistency and a wall. You do not need a spotter at ALL, just a very sturdy wall and a flat surface to balance on. Your relationship with the wall will last for months and months, that is fine. I will add in some drills later and keep the text about the process. The second biggest hurdle will be adding in a few drills off the wall. This will be a big hurdle for some as I said but it must be done by yourself. Why you ask? You need to learn how to fall, you fall a  lot, you fall often and you just will fall. Even a very good handstander with lot of experience will still crash and fall from time to time on a skill.  If you can break the fear of falling then you are well on your way to acheiving really good handstands and have nothing to worry about at all.  As you do the drills you will build strength in the wrist, shoulders, arms and core so do not worry about doing extra stuff and weight lifting or doing downdog does not really cross over to being good at handstands. Been there done that and it does not help you at all.

Lets go into coaching before I lay out some drills and send you on your path. My first suggestion is to hire a person who can do a handstand. If you want to do a handstand pushup, make sure the coach can, if you want to press a handstand, make sure the coach can as well. Some people will sell you idea and theory while others can do and sell you the skill itself. I have seen many people sell a dream and the student makes no process at all. You do not need a coach really until you have drilled yourself for like 3-6 months or REALLY GET STUCK. Workshops are okay but a 1 on 1 session will be much better for anyone. Keeping this short and sweet, hire a person that can done or has actually done the thing you want to do.


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